Kamakhya Jal


What is Kamakhya Jal?

Kamakhya jal is the holy water and blessing of the goddess kamakhya from temple located in Assam. The beautiful temple is constructed as the vulva part of Devi sati fell here when her dead body was cut into pieces by Lord Vishnu to end the grief of lord Shiva.


The temple has a section which is located twenty feet under the ground level which is known as the garbh grah, the embryo part. At this place is a small idol that is constructed in the vulva shape from which water runs, which is known as kamakhya jal.

Thousands of devotees comes every month to worship the goddess and to receive this holy water, not just the normal devotees but tantrik’s from all around the world also visit the temple to obtain this holy water.

Benefits of Kamakhya Jal

Kamakhya jal is very auspicious and have miraculous properties as it is a blessing of the goddess and have many benefits such as

  • It can remove all the diseases from your body and reliefs from all kind of pain that you suffer.
  • If you are phasing a problem in conceiving a child than it can be resolved.
  • If can resolve your marital problems.
  • It can attract and get back your desired love and ex-love in your life.
  • It increases your charm and magnetic aura to attract others in your life.
  • Career and business observes a boost.
  • Attraction of riches and money is observed.
  • Negativity is deflected out of your life .
  • No amount of ghosts, spirits and paranormal beings will be able to harm you.
  • Black magic and occult will never be able to hurt you.

Kamakhya Sindoor

Kamakhya Vastra

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