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The Kamakhya Devi temple is a very famous and popular Hindus tantric temple in India. In this temple, various kinds of tantric pooja are performed. People who perform tantric pooja in this temple, their pooja will definitely be successful. All kind of negative power and energy stay away from them. Let’s know about Kamakhya Devi Temple location.


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Kamakhya Devi Temple Location

Kamakhya temple is situated on the beautiful Nilachal Hill in western part of Guwahati city in Assam, India. Guwahati, known as city of temple, is the largest and beautiful city of Assam. In this place, transport easily available to you. You can go to Kamakhya temple by railway, airway or by road.

When you perform pooja in this temple, you will get rid of all kind of problems and issues. In this temple, devotees comes in many city to Darshan of Kamakhya Devi. And Get blessing of Kamakhya Goddess. Kamakhya Devi should fulfil all kind of devotes wish.

The Kamakhya temple is the very oldest among all 51 Shakti peeth of Devi Sati that India has. Apart from the Goddess Kamakhya, compound of the Mandir house ten other form of Goddess kali, namely Matangi, Dhumavat, Tara, Bhairavi, Bagola, Kamala, Bhuvaneshwari, Tripuara Sundari and Chinnamasta.

In this Mandir, there is no idol of the Goddesses and Gods. Actually in this Mandir, there is is sculptured idol of the yoni of the Goddess sati who was wife of lord Shiva.

The current structural Mandir, renovated as well as built many times in the period eighth-seventeenth century. The cult of goddess Kamakhya seems to have remained beyond the brahmanical ambit until the end of the 7th century. It was rebuilt by Nara Narayana who was Koch king, Statues of Nara Narayana and his brother Sukla Dev and an inscription about them are found in the temple.

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