Kamakhya Devi Temple History

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The Kamakhya Mandir is very popular Hindu Mandir and pilgrimage situated in Bharat. The temple of the goddess Kali or Kamakhya on the top of the hill was built during the domination of the Ahoms. The Kamakhya Mandir is a Hindu temple dedicated to Devi Kamakhya who form of Devi sati. She is a tantric Goddess.

The Kamakhya temple is the oldest among all 51 Shakti peeth that India has. Apart from the Goddess Kamakhya, compound of the Mandir house ten other form of Goddess kali, namely Matangi, Dhumavat, Tara, Bhairavi, Bagola, Kamala, Bhuvaneshwari, Tripuara Sundari and Chinnamasta.  In this Mandir, no idol of the Goddesses and Gods. Actually in this Mandir (in the corner of the cave) is sculptured idol of the yoni of the sati, which the object of reverence and perform the pooja.

Kamakhya Devi Temple History

The current structural Mandir, renovated as well as built many times in the period eighth-seventeenth century. The cult of goddess Kamakhya seems to have remained beyond the brahmanical ambit till the end of the 7th century. The ruling family of Kamarupa during the Bhauma-Varmans dynasty did not pay any attention to her. But Kamakhya temple was destroyed in the early sixteen century, rebuilt in seventeen century. It was rebuilt by Nara Narayana who was Koch king, Statues of Nara Narayana and his brother Sukla Dev and an inscription about them are found in the temple.

It is said that Viswa Simha revived worship at Kamakhya. According to an inscription in the temple, his son Chilarai built the temple during the reign of Naranarayana, the king of Koch Bihar and the son of Viswa Simha, in the year 1565. The first epigraphic references to the goddess Kamakhya are found in the Tezpur plates and the Parbatiya plates of Vanamaladeva in the mid-ninth century.

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