Kamakhya Bhasm

Kamakhya Bhasm

What is Kamakhya Bhasm?

Kamakhya Bhasm is the combination of Lord Shiva Bhasm and Goddess Kamakhya Devi Sindoor.

Because Lord Shiva was the husband of Goddess Sati and due to his “Tandav Nritya” Kamakhya Shakti Peeth formed, so it need to worship Lord Shiva when you worship Goddess Kamakhya.

And Kamakhya Bhasm is the best way to get the blessing of Goddess Sati as Kamakhya and Lord Shiva.  This is secret story of the ancient books like Kali Puran and very few devotees know about that.

As you know the story of “Ardhnareshwar” half Lord Shiva and Half Goddess Shakti, so in Kamakhya Bhasm is the shape of the Ardhnareeshwar (Lord Shiva and Goddess Sati form).

How Kamakhya Bhasm obtain?

After mixing Lord Shiva Bhabhoot in Kamakhya Sindoor and some other Kamakhya Products and by chanting Mantra of Kamakhya Devi and Lord Shiva Kamakhya Bhasm formed.

It is very secret process, mostly “Aghori Sahu’s” create it, and for normal person it is not possible.  So don’t try to form the Kamakhya Bhasm at own.

Due to blessing and power of both Lord Shiva and Goddess Kamakhya this Bhasm becomes more powerful for the use of religious purpose.

Kamakhya Bhasm

Original Kamakhya Bhasm

Benefits of Kamakhya Bhasm

There are following benefits of Kamakhya Bhasm:

  • If you apply Kamakhya Bhasm as Tilak then it grabs all happiness and positive energy.
  • If you apply Kamakhya Bhasm at your body then you will feel the peace of mind.
  • It also helps to increase your respect in your society.
  • Kamakhya Bhasm is also used for the attraction purpose.
  • If you are facing any skin problem then Kamakhya Bhasm will beneficial for you.
  • If you apply the Kamakhya Bhasm at Monday or Friday then your work will get success.
  • Kamakhya Bhasm is also helpful to remove the effects of Kaal Sarp Dosha.
  • If you use Kamakhya Bhasm for the Shivling Abhishek then you will always get blessing of Goddess Kamakhya and Lord Shiva.

How to use Kamakhya Bhasm?

  • Always start using Kamakhya Bhasm from Monday or Friday.
  • First worship Goddess Kamakhya and Lord Shiva before using the Bhasm by keeping in your home temple.
  • During using of Kamakhya Bhasm Chant given Mantra at least 108 times.
  • Never use without worship of Lord Shiva this Bhasm.
  • And we will provide you complete use Vidhi of Kamakhya Bhasm when you purchase it from us in written form along with the bhasm.

Kamakhya Bhasm Mantra

ह्रीं ओम हौं शंभो नमो भगवते सदाशिवाय ||

Hreem Om Haun Shambho Namo Bhagwate Sada Shivay ||

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