Indrakshi Mala

Indrakshi Mala

Indrakshi mala is a very auspicious combination of one mukhi rudraksha which is combined to make a mala, all together there are twenty one mukhi’s are used to make it, it is believed that all the supreme deities stay with the person who wears it.

Indrakshi MalaAs per to Hindu traditions there are almost more than thirty three million devi devta’s are in existence, who are worshiped for different purposes and to gain different sort of blessings.

But it is almost nearly impossible to worship all these at one time, there are methods devised in our vedas which are not easy to perform and also there are not genuine and authentic people present these days that can perform those rituals, if there are any they are very rare.

An Indrakshi mala is a very simple and authentic way to gain blessings of most of these deities in your life, each rudraksha acts as a channel to increase your blessings power to a maximum level, all you need to do is to accept this very rare product in your life and observe the benefits it can provide you.

Benefits of Indrakshi Mala

  • Indrakshi mala protect you from any form of harm that can happen to you.
  • It brings luck from all the corners of life.
  • All your desires come true when you wear it.
  • No sort of spells, black magic and occult can harm you.
  • Prosperity and abundance is observed in your life.
  • Protection of you and your family members from any sort of diseases will be done.
  • You are blessed with the blessings of almost all the major deities.
  • Attracts flow of money in your life.
  • Beneficial for business purpose.
  • Makes your home a place filled with positivity.

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