Indra Mani Mala

Indramani Mala

Not everything in the world can get you what you want; people often run after money, materialistic things and even get jealous by other people success regardless of realizing the reason for it.

Indramani MalaThere are many promises are made extending from palmistry to future telling from different sources and from the superstition of different countries but have you ever tried to follow your own Vedas and its teaching, there are many known and practiced methods are devised in them, such of these known methods is the auspicious combination of Rudraksha in Indra mani mala.

This is no ordinary combination and very rare item to get and by that, we mean real and authentic, there is a combo from one bead rudraksha to twenty-one faced bead of Rudraksha in this mala, each has a power and is blessed with the holiness of Lord Shiva and other gods.

The thing that is to know is that it is nearly impossible to find all these beads of rudraksha together, it takes a huge amount of time and research to combine even one and when you find one you really don’t want to lose it.

Each bead means something and is dedicated to a deity, a continuous worship of this bead or wearing it can benefit you in the ways you can only imagine.

Benefits of Indra Mani Mala :

  • Attracts wealth and riches from all corners of life.
  • Abundance and prosperity become your companion as long you worship with this mala.
  • A positive circle of protection from the harmful effects of your enemy is guaranteed in the presence of the combination of these beads.
  • No amount of black magic spells and occult can cause you any wrong.
  • Wherever you keep it you in the same positive energy.
  • Blessings of all the major gods are showered along with the Mahadev himself.

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