Holika Pujan

Holika Pujan

People celebrate each other with Colors on the Holi festival and celebrate happiness. This festival is celebrated with glitter throughout India. But its sixth is unique in areas such as Braj and Mathura. According to Hindu religion, spring comes from the day of Holi. And on this day worshiping a special result is achieved.

Holika Pujan

Holika Puja Muhurat –

  1. Holika dahan Muhurat = 20:58 to 24:28
  2. Duration = 3 Hour 30 Minute
    BhadraPunchha = 17:24 to 18:25
    BhadraMukha = 18:25 to 20:07  
  3. Rangwali Holi on 21st, March
  4. Purnima Tithi Begins = 22:04 on 20/Mar/2019
  5. Purnima Tithi Ends = 19:12 on 21/Mar/2019

Pooja Method of Holi Puja –

According to the Narad Purana, after getting up from the daily routine of HolikaDahan, after getting up from the daily routine, it is necessary to worship the paternal and paternal gods. Also, for the peace of all the defects it should be recited for the HolikaVibhuti and put it in her body. The courtyard of the house should be dipped with cow dung and make a squareand it should be embellished with colourful nights and worship it. By doing this, the increase of age, the recovery of health and the fulfilment of all desires.

Story of Holi –

According to Narada Purana, the father of Prahlad, the supreme devotee of Sri Hari Vishnu, was the demon king Hiranyakaship and atheist. He asked his son to leave Vishnu worship but he could not succeed even after tireless efforts. After this, Hiranyakaship decided to give her death by looking at the devotion of her son. But many of his efforts to kill his son failed, after which he assigned this work to his sister Holika. Holika got the boon that she could never burn. Holika sat on a burning pyre about Prahlad on the advice of her brother. But in this fire Prahlad did not burn but the Holika was burnt. Since then, the practice of celebrating this festival has started.

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