Haldi mala

Haldi Mala

What Is Haldi Mala?

Haldi in English is known as turmeric and Mala as a necklace. Haldi is also known as Ayurvedic medicine. Haldi Mala is considered as a holy product because of its properties. It is a nature’s gift to mankind and is a great natural healer.

It has been used for thousands of year to reduce negative energy while emitting positive energy. It has the divine power to empower the concentration. It is also used for chanting Baglamukhi and Brihaspati mantra. It is also used while chanting other mantras and in some puja rituals as well.

Haldi Mala

Haldi Mala

Mantra For The Haldi Mala

While wearing Haldi Mala Chant this Mantra.

“ Brim Brihaspathi Namah ”

You can chant this mantra on Thursday for at least 108 times. It brings success and more achievements in your life. Use this Turmeric Necklace to reduce all malefic effects of planet Jupiter in your life.

Benefits Of Wearing The Haldi Mala

  1. It helps in overcoming all kind troubled situations and enemy’s related problems.
  2. It brings success.
  3. It may help to enhance your energy and power.
  4. From a health point of view, Haldi mala is very beneficial.
  5. To help mediation empowers.
  6. To reduce stress and depression.
  7. To gain peace of mind.
  8. It may help to keep the evil eye and negative energy away.
  9. It helps to overcome health-related issues. It may help to enhance the immune system. If you are facing health-related problems, you must carry this mala. It helps to stay healthy and fit.

These are the major benefits of wearing Haldi Mala. It can also be energized on your name and date of birth.

We will provide Siddh Haldi Mala or Energized Turmeric Necklace by energizing it on your name with using your birth details.

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