Griha Pravesh Puja Kit

vivah puja kit

It is fundamental to recall omnipotent before beginning anything new, or before entering another home. Hello pundit ji gathering, mastermind Griha Pravesh puja unit and gives the material as per the quality and experienced pandits.

By our online administration we can serve you Griha pravesh Puja kit. We are accepting a fundamental part in giving Griha Pravesh puja content. Through our site you can meet all your religious needs. Through us you can in like manner book online Pandits. Our pandits are exceedingly experienced in puja and ceremonies.

griha pravesh puja kit

The new home is the dream of every person. If we entered in another home on auspicious moment than it ends up being bliss and welfare of the whole family. On guidance of stargazers and minister Good circumstances, sagacious, month and stars not simply give home of any family, financial, social, mental and physical points of interest anyway you moreover experience the peace and prosperity of the relatives.

Pandits predominantly taught Griha Pravesh on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday in light of the way that these days are seen as the greatest day. It is furthermore assumed that on Tuesday and Sunday foundation stone should not be proficient for begin of house, or the home.

Griha Pravesh Puja Kit 

In Griha Pravesh Puja Kit, 36 Griha Pravesh Puja Samagrim (Ingredients) provided by us.

  1. Supari
  2. Lung
  3. Roli
  4. Rice
  5. Chandan
  6. Haldi Powder
  7. Haldi Gath
  8. Ganga Jaal
  9. Mishri
  10. Janeu
  11. Moong
  12. Sugar
  13. Dhoop
  14. Kapoor
  15. Ghee
  16. Batti (Round)
  17. Batti (Long)
  18. Match Stick
  19. Deep
  20. Aggarbattis
  21. Red Cloth
  22. White Cloth
  23. Sindoor
  24. Khada Dhaniya
  25. Kesar
  26. Panchmeva
  27. Elaichi
  28. Dona
  29. Moli
  30. Itra
  31. Abheer
  32. Gulal
  33. Wheat
  34. Nectar
  35. Gud
  36. Yellow Cloth

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