Gorochan For Diwali Puja

Gorochan in Hindi

What is Gorochan?

Gorochan is very rare spiritual product obtain from the eye water of cow, and this product is very powerful in spiritual way means for Puja Path purpose.

Its original form is solid and color is some red and yellow mix means sindoori (vermilion color).

If you know about the Panchgabya (5 items obtain from the cow) then you have knowledge of its usefulness in puja path anusthan. Panchgabya includes Milk, Curd, Ghee, dung and Urine.


Benefits of Gorchan

There are lots of benefits of gorochan, some of them are:

  • With the help of Gorochan, you can purify any puja item like Ganga Water.
  • With the help of Gorochan Puja, you can worship the Cow Mata.
  • If you make Gorochan tilak at your forehead then it creates attraction and you will full with the confidence.
  • Also if you make tilak of Gorochan then all your work will be completed in the right direction.
  • To create and maintain the positive aura around you, you must make tilak of gorochan.
  • For business and money problems Gorochan is a very useful product.
  • If you worship Gorochan at an auspicious date like Diwali, Holi, and Maha Shivratri then every money, business and health problems will be resolved.
  • For the protection from evil eye and bad energy, you must make swastika at your house walls and make tilak.
  • Gorochan is used in many diseases as per the medical suggestion.
  • For attraction, protection, and beauty you must worship and use Gorochan at this Diwali.

How to use Gorochan?

  • You can use Gorochan as tilak at your forehead and body.
  • You can make it paste by mixing Ganga Jal and Kesar in this.
  • You can apply Gorochan paste at your body if evil eye and bad energy problem.
  • If evil eye effect at home and office then make swastika from the Gorochan paste at wall of your home and office.
  • There are lots of Uses of Gorochan as per problems, share your requirement to us and then we will share you the use vidhi of Gorochan.

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