Gomti Chakra Pendant

Gomati Chakra pendant

What is Gomti Chakra Pendant?

Gomti Chakra Pendant is a spiritual product that is made of single Gomti Chakra; by placing the thin Brass cap over top surface on Gomti chakra it is formed.

You have to wear this Gomti Chakra at the smooth plain side of your neck with any chain or thread.

Gomti Chakra as you know favorite products of Goddess Lakshmi, so it removes all types of the money related problems of your shop, business or job.

Gomati Chakra pendant

Benefits of Gomti Chakra Pendant

There are many benefits of Gomti Chakra pendant mention here:

  • It brings Wealth and Prosperity in life
  • It brings luck and harmony to the wearer
  • By hanging in the new born baby’s room it protects from the negative and evil eye
  • It helps to attract the money in job and business
  • It helps to get promotion in job
  • It helps to success the business

How to use or wear the Gomti Chakra Pendant?

  • Always wear Gomti Chakra Pendant at any Friday or Monday.
  • After taking bath in morning of mention days place the Gomti Chakra Pendant in your home temple.
  • Worship the Goddess Lakshmi and Ganesh properly and chant the given Mantra minimum 108 times.
  • Then wear the Gomti Chakra Pendant in your neck.

The mantra of Gomti Chakra Pendant

ॐ महालक्ष्म्यै नमः (Om Mahalakshmay Namah)

How to buy This Gomti Chakra Pendant?

  1. If you are Indian Customer then you can buy this by making Payment through Online Payment/Account Transfer in our account, for this send the query with your details in given form.
  2. If you are outside India customer then you can buy this product by making payment through the Western Union Money transfer, for this just Email/Contact/Whatsapp us at given contact numbers.

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