Goddess Bhairvi Puja

Bhairvi Puja

The Goddess Bhairavi is additionally in numerous different shapes Like Bhotha Bharavi, yaksha bhairavi, Aakash, bharavi, tantra bhairavi, Paatala Bhairavi, bhooth.

In any case, Bhairvi puja is impossible without Bhairav and Hanumanji’ss puja. So first offerings to hanuman and Bhairavi ji ought to be done and after that the puja to Goddess Bhairavi.

The pooja includes a specific yagna with serenades that conjure her essence and effortlessness, an expand Abhishekam for the Devi, settling different sanctified Bhairavi shapes at particular spots of the house and connecting a Maangalya bala sutra to the house.

Bhairvi Puja

Benefits of the Bhairvi Puja

  • With the help of this Puja, all types of relationship problems can be solved.
  • It helps in Love and Romance Problem.
  • It helps in Husband and Wife Relationship Dispute Removal.
  • With the help of this Puja Love and attraction increases.
  • Bhairvi Puja also removes the mental problems and negative vibes.

Bhairavi Mool Mantra

“Om Hreem Bhairavi Kalaum Hreem Svaha 

Tryakshari Bhairavi Mantra (3 Syllables Mantra)

“Hstraim Hsklreem Hstraumh 

Ashtakshari Tripura Bhairavi Mantra (8 Syllables Mantra)

“Hasaim Hasakarim Hasaim” 

Shmashan Bhairavi Mantra

“Shmashana Bhairavi Nararudhirasthi – Vasabhakshini Siddhim Me Dehi”

“Mama Manorathan Puraya Hum Phat Svaha” 

Bhairavi Gayatri Mantra

“Om Tripurayai Vidmahe Mahabhairavyai Dhimahi Tanno Devi Prachodayat” 

Much the same as any puja to Devi should offer puja to her in the beginning and afterward comes the 5 noteworthy mantras of puja which is should for this situation (Hridaya, Stotra, Sahasranama, kavacha and mantra).

So if in the event of not getting the majority of this you ought to do at least Hridya or shatanaam and Sahasranama of her.

Goddess Bhairavi’s sahasra naam takes at least three hours for a normal person. You ought to do it subsequent to lighting guggal dhoop in front of her.

Each Tuesdays, Saturdays, Asthmi and Ram navami of Krishna Paksha this ought to be performed. This pooja likewise is done completely by the ladies. Any route without master nothing is conceivable. So initially take our help and perform the puja as expert says.

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