Ghatsthapana Muhurat Puja

Ghatsthapana Muhurat Puja

Ghatasthapana is one of the significant rituals during Navratri. It marks the beginning of nine days festivity. The most auspicious or Shubh time to do Ghatasthapana is first one third of the day while Pratipada is prevailing. If due to some reasons this time is not available then Ghatasthapana can be done during AbhijitMuhurta. It is advised to avoid Nakshatra Chitra and Vaidhriti Yoga during Ghatasthapana but those are not prohibited. The most important factor to consider is that Ghatasthapana is done before Hindu midday while Pratipada is prevailing.

Ghatsthapana Muhurat Puja

Ghatshapana Muhurat Puja 2019 –

In This Section, We Are Describing The Ghatshapana Muhurat 2019. Let’s Check It Out.

Ghatasthapana Muhurat = 06:16 to 07:40

Duration = 1 Hour 23 Mins

Auspicious Date for Ghat Sthapana Shubh Muhurat 2019 =  29 sep 2019

Auspicious Day for Ghat Sthapana Shubh Muhurat 2019 = Sunday

Auspicious Timing for Ghat Sthapana Shubh Muhurat = 07:03 Am To 08:39 Am

Total Duration for Ghata Sthapana Muhurat = 1 Hours And 36 Minutes

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