Gemstone for Enemy Problem


Here, some effective gemstones for enemy problems are being described below. Let’s check it out.

  1. Yellow sapphire – Representing the planet Jupiter it never harms the person who carries yellow sapphire. It reduces all kind of enemy’s related problems. It attracts positivity. It is the lord of 6th and 9th house for the wearer. It can give better result in a combination of ruby especially in the Mahadasha of Jupiter. When advised, carry a Pukhraj on Thursday.
  2. Ruby – ruby will give tremendous result in the dasha of planet Jupiter. Don’t wear without consulting an expert astrologer. To reduce all kind of enemy-related problems. If your sun is in the 5th house, you must avoid wearing it. It helps to improve the Sun. It brings happiness, positive energy, wealth, health and success in your life. When advised, carry a ruby on Sunday on right hand ring finger.
  3. Neelam – if your planet shani is not going good in your kundali, that’s why you are facing more problem in your career. You must wear neelam. Representing the planet Shani (Saturn) it never harms the person who carry it. It also remove enemy’s related problems. It help to reduce effect of unwanted planets. When advised, carry a neelam on Saturday on the middle finger. As well as start worshiping goddess shani dev on every Saturday.
  4. Red coral – red coral is the most valuable gemstone. Representing the planet Mangal (mars) it never harms the person who carry it. It is used to strong mars for removing enemy’s related problems. Don’t wear without consulting expert astrologer. When advised, carry a moonga on Tuesday on the middle finger or right finger. As well as start worshiping lord hanuman on every Tuesday. Offer peeli bondi to him.

If you are facing enemy related problem, you must wear it.

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