Gauri Puja Kit

gauri puja kit

Goddess Gauri is otherwise called Parvati who is venerated among their aficionados for getting the perfect life accomplice. The Gauri Puja is a broadly commended event and the promising puja is sorted out by our accomplished Vedic Scholars, who have been honing this workmanship for a considerable length of time.

gauri puja kit

It is very helpful to remove the obstacles from the married life if you have been suffering from. It is also considered good to perform if you have been looking for an ideal spouse. Gauri Pooja brings peace and happiness in the relationships of married couples.

A couple is blessed with children. It creates respect and trust between wife and husband. We have the full puja Samagrim required for a charming puja encounter Package incorporates.

Gauri Puja Kit’s Samagrim

Taking appropriate direction from the regarded experts, the Gauri puja Samagrim comprises of:

  1. Beautified Kalash Supari
  2. Roli / Kumkum
  3. Tulsi
  4. Laung
  5. Rice / Chawla
  6. White Chandan
  7. Haldi Powder
  8. Haldi Gath
  9. Ganga Jaal
  10. Mishri
  11. Gulab Jaal
  12. Dhoop
  13. Kapoor
  14. Ghee
  15. Batti (Round)
  16. Match Stick
  17. Deepak
  18. Aggarbattis
  19. Red Cloth
  20. Sindoor
  21. 16 Sringar Samagrim
  22. Name (Durva Grass)
  23. Nariyal
  24. Moong
  25. Mango Leaves
  26. Paan ka Patta
  27. Panch Patra
  28. Gur / Jaggery
  29. Abeer / Gulal
  30. Nectar
  31. Wheat
  32. Itra
  33. Moli
  34. Plastic Container – 25
  35. Ilachi
  36. Panchmeva
  37. Aachaman
  38. Kesar
  39. Red Chandan

Our kit have been produced using most noteworthy quality materials, guaranteeing the delight of the divinity concerned. These bundles have been made under the direction of exceptionally qualified shastris and Acharyas. The best strategy for quick conveyance is generally kept away from any latencies or postponements.

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