Gauri Puja to Get Married

Gauri Puja to Get Married

Gauri Shankar Puja can enable you to win the gifts of Lord Shiva and Parvati to stop any more postponements in marriages and achieve a promising early marriage in your family. Many people who have performed Gauri Shankar Puja prescribed have encountered that every one of the obstacles to relational unions are cleared and relational unions happen speedier than they can envision.

Gauri Puja to Get Married

Pooja Samagrim of Gauri Puja To Get Married –

  1. Symbols of Lord Shiva,
  2. Parvati, And Ganesh,
  3. Kalash,
  4. Mango Leaves,
  5. Roli,
  6. Sandalwood Glue,
  7. Haldi,
  8. Ganga Water,
  9. Copper Tumbler And Spoon,
  10. Incense Sticks,
  11. Camphor,
  12. Lights,
  13. Wicks And Oil,
  14. Betel Leaves And Nuts,
  15. Cashew And Dry Grapes,
  16. Natural Products,
  17. Desserts,
  18. Coconut,
  19. Blooms,
  20. Yellow String
  21. And Wreaths.

Pooja Vidhi of Gauri Puja To Get Married –

  1. Set up the puja holy place and brighten the symbols of Shiva, Parvati, and Ganesh. Pour the Ganga Jal inside the Kalash. Put some cashew and dry grapes inside the Kalash and place mango leaves on the mouth of the Kalash and rearrange a coconut over it.
  2. Start with droning of three times Omkar and afterward do Ganesh puja for the fruitful finishing of the puja. Light incense sticks.
  3. Worship Gauri Shankar and offer puja to Kalash and the icons droning the Gauri Shankar mantra, “Hello gaurishankraardhangini yatha tawamshankerpriya Tatha mama kuru kalyani kantakantamsudurlabham”. It is perfect to serenade the mantra 108 times amid the puja.
  4. Offer coconut, natural products, desserts and different materials to the Lord and petition God for the early marriage and amicability in family.
  5. Do arati singing a melody of Gauri Shankar and finish the puja.

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