Ganga Puja at Magh Purnima

Ganga Puja at Magh Purnima

In Hindu religion, the significance of the Kartika Poornima as Magha Purnima is importance. Magh Purnima of 2019 will be celebrated on Tuesday, February 19, 2019. The religious pundit says that even though the full moon is the significance of each month of the year, but the story of Magh Purnima is different. On the day of Magh Purnima, the immersion of holy rivers ganga, the possibility of a dip in the confluence of a person, all sins are cut off.And all the desires of the person are fulfilled.

Ganga Puja at Magh Purnima

Mantra for Ganga Puja at Magh Purnima –

I देवि सुरेश्वरि भगवति गङ्गे त्रिभुवनतारिणि तरलतरङ्गे I
शङ्करमौलिविहारिणि विमले मम मतिरास्तां तव पदकमले II

Rituals of Ganga Puja at Magh Purnima –

  1. Diving in the mother Ganga at the occasion of Magh Purnima, all sins of man are washed away and man gets salvation. By the way, the Ganga bath has its own importance, but by bathing on this day man can get rid of all the sorrows.
  2. Special festivals are also offered on this temple for other temples including Ganga temples. It is said that after bathing in the river Ganges, the liberation of ten sins is finally achieved. Charity is a special significance on this day.
  3. It is mentioned in the scriptures that salvation in the life of the Ganga, in the Ganga, the philosophy of Purnasilila Narmada and the salvation of MokshadayiniShipra only gets salvation.
  4. On the day of Magh Purnima, the Ganga Pujan and bath is attained by riddhi-siddhi, yash-rishi. All sins are eradicated It is believed that on this day, people suffering from mangal defects from Ganga Pooja get special benefits.
  5. The worship of the Ganga made by Pooja Vidhi, provides unimpressive fruits.

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