Ganesh Jayanti Puja

Ganesh Jayanti Puja

Ganesh Jayanti is the birthday or birth commemoration of Hindu Lord Ganesha and is otherwise called Magha Shukla Chaturthi, Tilkund Chaturthi and Varad Chaturthi. It is trusted that on this specific day, Lord Ganesha achieved Earth out of the blue. Master Ganesha, the child of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati is considered as the God of Beginnings. 

Ganesh Jayanti Puja

Here You Can Know the Ganesh Jayanti Poojan Vidhi –

1. Perform custom shower in the early morning and wear new or new garments and be prepared to do Ganapati puja. 

2. Get ready Ganesh mandap or pandal with coconut or banana leaves, mango leaves and with bloom laurels to introduce Ganesha symbol. It is constantly prescribed to purchase or get ready eco-accommodating or mud Ganesh symbol. 

3. A Kalash or the pot loaded with blessed water and rice to be introduced before summoning Lord Ganesha icon. The rice or water filled Kalash is likewise called Purna Kumbha. Kalasha Sthapana is performed before summoning Ganesh. 

4. After Kalasha Sthapana, Ganesh symbol is summoned droning Avahan mantras or simply droning ‘Om Ganeshaya namaha or other basic Ganesh stotras. 

5. Serenade Ashtottara Shatanamavali or 108 names of Lord Ganesha. Siddhi Vinayaka Vratha katha is presented subsequent to droning a few straightforward Ganesh mantras 

6. Light the light and offer Aarti to Lord Ganesh presenting Aarti mantras 

7. Offer unique formulas – modak, undralla payasam, kudumulu and the formulas made of a few leaves and organic products. Offer coconut and light diya or deepam and incense sticks. 

8. By and large amid Ganesh puja on Ganesh Chavithi, fans put books, pens and other training or office material at Ganesh icon or Ganpati pandal and take them after Ganesh symbol os moved. As a rule, at homes, Ganesh symbol is proceeded onward the day after Ganesh Chaturthi. 

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