Famous Temples of India

Famous Temples of India

India is a county whose civilization dates thousands of years back, it can easily be said to be the oldest in the world and Hinduism is often confused only a religion but it’s not it is a philosophy of living a life.

Each god that is present signifies an important moral to make a life better and successful; in all together there are more than a ten million gods and goddesses that are present.

What is important to know is that this is done to make people more meditative and find a higher purpose in life it will simple to understand by as work the karma of life is important and each individual finds himself a work that makes him feel balanced and helps to excel in life.

Famous Temples of India

Similarly the god which can make a person achieve the balance of his morality and make him achieve the higher purpose than just being a flesh and bone body is also referred as the “Ishta” and the process which makes him achieve this peace is called the bhakti yoga, the mention of it can also be found in the bhagvat gita as well.

Each of these Ishta were created as a medium to make people achieve the bliss and to do this temples were formed and now in India there are numerous amount of temples are found where everyday a billion people go and worship their deity.

Major Hindu Temples of India 

Below we have listed some of the major Hindu temples, though there are enormous rate that is present which is not possible to mention in totality

Name of Temple Location
Angkor Vat Cambodia
Sri Ranganathan Temple Trichurapali Trivandapuram
Akshardham Temple New Delhi
Laxmi Narayan Mandir New Delhi
Jagannath Temple Orissa
Tiruvur thygarajaswami Temple Tiruvur, Tamil Nadu
Vanketeshwara Temple Tamil Nadu
Meenakshi Temple Tamil Nadu
Nelliapapar Temple Tamil Nadu
Tirupati Balaji Tamil Nadu
Jambakeshwar Trichy
Badrinath Maharashtra
Kedarnath Uttarakhand
Sri Ranganatthan swami Trichipalli