Diwali Puja Kit

gauri puja kit

The Diwali Puja Kit is a kit containing everything that you have to play out the Diwali Pooja. Do the pooja yourself, with your family and companions. The Diwali kit contains all materials required for the pooja as said in our sacred writings.

diwali puja kit

Kit, particularly intended to perform Laxmi Pooja on extraordinarily amid the celebration of Diwali in the most compact and exact path, inside the environs of your homes and business setups.

This widely inclusive Diwali Puja kit is curated to convey to you the shloka’s serenades that you can take after easily and discuss yourself. Perfect for the new era, this kit encourages them to take after the holy conventions in an easy way.

The Diwali Kit Contains

Exceptionally outlined under the direction of purohits the Diwali Puja Kit contains all the 30 fundamental components to perform Diwali pooja. let check it out.

  1. Ganga Water,
  2. Rose Water,
  3. Ghee,
  4. Honey,
  5. Mica,
  6. Yellow Sindoor,
  7. Coriander Seed,
  8. Jaggery,
  9. Tilak Chandan,
  10. Yellow Mustard,
  11. Lotus Seed,
  12. Cowry,
  13. Abeer,
  14. Gulaal,
  15. Ganga Soil,
  16. Rolee,
  17. Turmeric Powder,
  18. Red Sindoor,
  19. Chittee-Cowry,
  20. Clove,
  21. Cardamom,
  22. Lord Ganesha-Goddess Lakshmi Photos (Metallic Gold),
  23. Camphor,
  24. Panchratna,
  25. Saptamrittika,
  26. Saffron,
  27. Himej,
  28. Incense Sticks,
  29. Red Cloth,
  30. White Cloth,
  31. Yellow Cloth,
  32. Devta Aasan,
  33. Spoon,
  34. Terracotta Kalash (Handcrafted) ,
  35. Footprint Stickers,
  36. Shubh-Labh Stickers,
  37. Swastik Stickers,
  38. Riddhi-Siddhi Stickers,
  39. Sarwaushadhi,
  40. Areca Nut,
  41. Panchamewa,
  42. Popped Paddy,
  43. Batasa,
  44. Turmeric Root,
  45. Madder Root,
  46. Wheat,
  47. Rice,
  48. Round Wicks,
  49. Long Wicks,
  50. Cotton,
  51. Sacred Thread,
  52. Moulee,
  53. Rose Perfume,
  54. Aarti Sangrah,
  55. Terracotta Diya,
  56. Dona(Metallic Gold),
  57. Moti Mala(For Shree Ganesh-Lakshmi Idols)

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