Devi Skandamata Puja

Devi Skandamata Puja

Skanda mata is the fifth aspect of Navdurga. On the blessed fifth day of Navratri Pooja, Skanda mata is worshipped.

What Is All About the Devi Skandamata Puja?

Skanda is the name given to Kumar Kartikey. Goddess Parvati is mother of Kartikey and therefore revered with name ‘Skanda mata’. When all deities, saint and mankind was tired from torment as well as domination of colossal giant Tarakasur, Kumar Kartikey is the only almighty who demolished the tyranny of Devil Tarakasur. Being the mother of powerful deity Kumar Kartikey, mother Parvati is glorified with name ‘Skanda Mata’. She is the true Goddess of endurance.

Devi Skandamata Puja

Mantra for Devi Skandamata Puja –



Benefits of Devi Skandamata Puja –

  1. It is believed that devotees and worshippers get into in ‘Vishudh Chakra’ in this day of Durga Pooja. Vishudh means undiluted. Therefore, in this state, worshipper moves toward undiluted thoughts. They feel removal of impurities and tensions of outer world, and dip themselves completely in faithfulness of mother Skanda.
  2. Worshiping mother Skanda on auspicious fifth day of Navratra, devotees experience and realize the immense peace and pleasure in soul and mind. They become completely free from meaningless worries of life and enjoy the divine happiness endowed by mother Skanda.

Significant Of Devi Skandamata Puja –

  1. Panchami of Navratri Pooja is totally dedicated to mother Skanda that help devotees to achieve her profound blessings.
  2. She never let the woman devotees return with bare hands. In fact, her blessings are boundless that bestows real peace is obviously. She shows the directions toward Nirvana or Moksha.
  3. Offering devotion to this Goddess, devotees come out there from dilemma of life and peacefully move forward for salvation

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