Devi Mahagauri Puja

Devi Mahagauri Puja

Devi Mahagauri is the name given to her because of her to a great degree reasonable appearance. She is accepted to be the leader of planet Rahu. She is loved on the eighth day of Navratri and is the eight aspect of Goddess Durga. She has an unfailing force which is accepted to be right away productive. She is said to be tranquil, shrewd and quiet. She has a dull composition because of her long starkness’s in the rich timberlands of the Himalayas. She rides a bull, wearing a white or green saree. She has four arms.

Devi Mahagauri Puja

Mantra of Devi Mahagauri Puja –

II Om Devi Mahagauri yai Namaha II

Pujan Vidhi of Devi Mahagauri Puja

On the 8th day of Navratra, the icon or picture of Goddess Mahagauri ought to be determined to a wooden remain after refinement by Gangajal. At that point after fill water in silver, copper or earthen pot and do Kalash Sthapana by putting a coconut on the highest point of the pot. On a similar stand likewise do the Sthapana of Shri Ganesh, Varun, Navagraha, shodashmatruka, saptgrutmatruka.

At that point after take Sankalap for Vrat, pooja and do shodhopchar puja of all sthapit divine beings along withGoddess Mahagauri. The shodhopchar puja incorporates avahan, aasan, padya, ardhya, aachman, snan, materials, saubhagyasootr, shoe, roli, Haldi, Sindoor, druva, bilvpatr, decorations, bloom laurel, aroma, dhoop-profound, naivadya, organic products, betel leaf, dakshina, aarti, pradikshna, mantra pushpanjali and so on. Goddess Durga ought to be offered Coconut and it ought to be given as aid. Goddess Mahagauri favours excellence. Do dhyan on Goddess while keeping white blooms in palm. The correct number of young girls for venerating is 9 yet loving 2 young girls. Offer blessings to the kanyas after they had suppers.

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