Devi Chandraghanta Puja

Devi Chandraghanta Puja

The 3rd day of Navratri when devotees worship the Empress as Chandraghanta. The name comes from the half-moon that sits on her head and appears like a ghanta. The figure of this empress has ten hands and she holds weapons in them.

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Devi Chandraghanta Puja

What Is All About the Devi Chandraghanta Puja?

Goddess Chandraghanta blesses devotees with celebrity and power. Different parts of the country have different methods of worshiping the Goddess and performing the rituals. She actually is a form of Devi, ready for the war with all her weapons. It is believed that requirements of the moon-bell on her behalf temple expels all sort of state of mind away from her enthusiasts

How to Worship Chandraghanta Devi:

As per her personality, she actually is likes offering of milk, sweets and Kheer. Maa fulfils all the wishes and provides relief from worldly aches and pains. Learn to make a simple Kheer and please goddess Chandraghanta. Goddess Chandraghanta loves jasmine flowers and they are offered in the puja. It is followed by offering puja to Shiva. Devotees also recite the mantra ‘II Om Ayamhreem Chandraghantaya Namah II’. Devotees also recite the Durga Saptashati after offering the pugna.

What To Eat And Wear:

Grey is Devi Chandraganta’s favourite colour, so supporters should eat grey-coloured food and wear red clothes on this day.

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Benefits Associated With Devi Chandraghanta Puja –

  1. As a goddess CHANDRAGHANTA she symbolizes calm and material well being.
  2. Her throughout are rich and symbolize material comfort.
  3. Entire world Shukra is governed by Goddess Chandraghanta.
  4. The girl showers supreme bliss, knowledge, peace and serenity.
  5. Mata’s pleasurable looks clears your entire sorrows and unhappiness.
  6. For the wellness of her devotees also to establish justice, Goddess Chandraghanta Devi is always looking forward to war.

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