Daily Pujan Kit

daily pujan kit

The ‘Daily Puja Kit’ expects to facilitate the day by day puja exercises by an accumulation of good quality nine Puja things in a solitary box, to full fill on a normal one month’s Puja needs. 

What is All About The Daily Puja Kit

We have collected in this pack all elements for performing day by day pujas / ceremonies at home. Every one of the basics pressed are regular, unadulterated, consecrated and of high calibre and are adequate for performing puja.

daily pujan kit

In this Pooja Kit we will give you 21 Items which can be utilized as a part of Daily Pooja. Purchasing this pooja pack is exceptionally helpful for you in light of the fact that subsequent to getting this pooja unit you don’t need to hurry to advertise we will give all of you the things in this pack including Puja Plate Contents

Daily Puja Kit’s Items 

A bundle of 21 things for performing day by day puja/customs at home. All things pressed are common, unadulterated, and holy with brilliant hygiene. Let’s check it out.

  1. New Red Cloth,
  2. Gulal,
  3. Kashturi,
  4. Panchpatra,
  5. Kumkum & Roli,
  6. Agarbatti,
  7. Supari,
  8. Lawang,
  9. Ghee,
  10. Chandan,
  11. Kamphar,
  12. Kush,
  13. Abrakh,
  14. Panchmewa,
  15. Sindoor,
  16. Ilaichi,
  17. Gangajal,
  18. Akshat,
  19. Etra,
  20. Haldi Powder,
  21. Honey,


We are Collection of value essential puja Samagrim things in a solitary box in the puja zone/room – Reasonably evaluated to cover roughly One Month’s fundamental puja needs with 21 Puja things.- Helping Bhaktadis to direct puja in lesser time, as the Daily Puja Kit lessens the ideal opportunity for puja Samagrim arrangement.- A solitary box of the puja Samagrim will help in diminishing number of compartments in the puja range/room.

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