Color Therapy

Color Therapy

Life is actually an ongoing colorful theatrical directed by the Great Lord himself. John Ruskin has correctly stated that, “The purest and most thoughtful minds are those which love color the most”.

Thus, we can effectively say that all persons and personalities, though different may actually seem to be closer to particular colors as per circumstances at hand. For Example, a newly-born baby tends to resemble a soft pink color.

Color Therapy

Colors are a deep and mysterious language by themselves. Whatever the color combinations, colors reflect the personality of each individual as well as an object. In fact, sometimes you have to see people as crayons.

They may not be your favorite color, but then you need all the colors to complete the painting called life.

Colors hold a very special place in our lives

Imagine a world without colors. Dull, only blacks, whites and greys. Even black and white are colors formed with the amalgamation of various colors.

Colors tend to characterize your personality, your mood, the environment all around. A red lipstick is known to perk up a lady’s gloomy mood, greys means sad, and white denotes serenity.

Technical Details behind Color Therapy

As per Vedic sciences, the human body is governed by its seven life energy chakras. The chakras are the energy centers of our body and their synchronized rotation tend to maintain the energy balance inside us all.

Each of these revolving engines of life pertains to a specific color of the VIBGYOR i.e. Violet, Indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, red. Each of these colors is basically light pertaining to a particular wavelength that gives it its specific color.

The color violet has the largest wavelength, whereas the red color has the shortest wavelength. These colors, thus, can be utilized to treat many disorders and maintain the optimum balance between the chakras of life.

This concept is termed as color therapy or chromo therapy or croma therapy or color ology. The contemporary science of colors is called photo biology.

How is Color Therapy Useful?

A sound health does not only include health physically. Rather it is a holistic term that tends to encompass physical health with mental and emotional wellbeing. Color therapy is an all-encompassing health science that helps to retain mental, emotional wellbeing by use of specific colors.

It is a non-invasive holistic technique that may even be used alongside other therapies. The nature all around us is brimming with colors. This therapy heightens our awareness to their presence. Let us analyze the seven major colors and their therapist uses:

Violet: helps to stimulate intuition, imagination, meditation and the artist within.

Indigo: helps to stimulate calmness, truth and peace within.

Blue: helps to stimulate kindness, Emotional depth and Devotion.

Green: helps to stimulate balance, love, communications and social well being.

Yellow: Helps to stimulate the lighter side of fun, humor, logic and intellect.

Orange: helps to stimulate creativity, optimism, enthusiasm and productivity.

Red: helps to stimulate passion, spontaneity, stability and stamina.

The best color for a person is the one that suits him or her psychologically.  Thus, we make these no side-effects colors your friends for your health.