Chirmi Beads Mala Uses and Benefits

Chirmi Beads Mala

What are Chirmi beads Mala?

Chirmi beads are considered very lucky from ancient times. These naturally grown beads are found in the Mountains of Aravali.

They are considered very auspicious and thus are used in Puja rituals or are kept in money safe.

Chirmi Beads are found in many colors. Different colors symbolize different Deities namely White Chirmi Beads symbolize Devi Saraswati, Red Chirmi Beads symbolize Devi Laxmi, Black Chirmi Beads represents Maa Kali and Green Chirmi Beads represents the Navgraha.

Chirmi Beads Mala

Chirmi Beads Mala

The significance of Chirmi Beads Mala

  • These beads are believed to be lucky for those who wear them or keeps it safe in their home.
  • Red Chirmi Beads Mala made of using 108+1 natural Red Chirmi beads.
  • They are found in the mountains of Aravali from hundreds of years.
  • It is believed in the legends that these auspicious beads are difficult to find and cannot be found by everyone.
  • It is said that beads themselves choose the person with whom they want to be and not to go a lucky person.
  • These beads can also be kept in lockers, money safe, cash box and handbag.

Benefits of Chirmi Beads Mala

There are following benefits having the Chirmi Beads Mala:

  • Chirmi Beads Mala can be used for the attraction.
  • It helps in Money problem solution.
  • It is beneficial for the success in Business and Shop.
  • Monetary conditions are improved.
  • Fame and Success is attracted.
  • Negativity and bad luck stay away from the person.
  • Wisdom is developed.
  • Bring Luck and ward off evil and black magic.
  • Protect the wearer from physical harm.

How to use Chirmi Beads Mala?

We provide you two types of Chirmi Beads Mala.

  • Siddh one Chirmi Beads Mala,
  • Without Siddh Chirmi Beads Mala,

In order to get energized Chirmi Beads Mala, you will have to give us your birth date, place of birth and Gotra.

We also provide you the complete process of wearing Chirmi Beads Mala in written form with the required Mantra to chant.

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