Childless Problem Solution


Being a mother is the dream of every woman and it makes a woman feel complete. Child is the source of happiness for a healthy and happy family. Every married couple wants to have a child to fill their life with joy and happiness.

Everything in life can be achieved and replaced but the happiness of having your own child cannot be replaced. When a couple does not get the blessing of having a child then life becomes miserable.

childless-astrologyReasons of infertility

Many reasons are there to be blamed for childless problems. Few of them are:

• Some deficiency in the horoscope
• Unhealthy lifestyle
• Stress
• Late marriage
• Delaying in Pregnancy for other reasons

Though medical science is there to cure infertility and to help to become a mother but the expenses of medical services are very high and most of the time it does not work and it leaves you with no option and makes your life void of all emotional happiness and pleasure.

 Astrology, horoscope and Childless Problem

If someone is unable to have a child after doing a lot of effort and even after taking medical help then there might be some problem in your horoscope. And in that situation astrologer is the only and one solution. The fifth house of the horoscope is related to the child.

If that house is not placed well then the childless problem and child health issues are predictable.

In this case, an astrologer can help you to get rid of this problem. He can analyze your horoscope thoroughly to know the reason and also provides a solution to deal with this problem.

If you are going through this condition then kindly contact our astrologers to help you to have a healthy child.

If you are Childless then in term of astrology analyse your progeny report and perform the Puja for the Childless Problem of Santan Gopal Puja or Santan Prapti Puja.