Chandra Puja at Chandra Grahan

Chandra Puja at Chandra Grahan

When the Moon in the horoscope is considered to be inauspicious in moonlight or cruel planet, in the sight of the low or vested land or 4,6,8,9 in the house. If the moon becomes inauspicious then there is the possibility of being cured of mental disorder, eye disorder, female suffering, mother ill, wealth loss, blood flaw, fatness of the body etc.

Chandra Puja at Chandra Grahan

Chandra Puja at Chandra Grahan

Pooja Vidhi of Chandra Puja At Chandra Grahan –

1. For the peace of the inauspiciousness of the moon, one should perform rituals in the number of 11,000, 44 thousand or five lakhs of any one of the following chants, before performing the worship, before taking up Swav Flower, Mithan, Akshat and Gangajal, the rituals of rituals, Meditation and give a call. 

2. Chandana garland is best for chanting, if the sandalwood is not available, then Rudraksh or Tulsi can also be chanted. According to the science, according to the science of lunar worship, mental peace, benefits in eye disorders, wealth benefits, relief from headache, self-confidence, benefits and health of mother are attained. 

3. After giving full moon to the full moon, it is very auspicious and fruitful to give churning of silver or pistal lamps with pure water, swan sandal, swan flowers etc. 

4. All human beings should definitely do their full moon. After this Chandra recites the Gayatri mantra. After completing chanting in the absolute number, Tarpan and Marjan should definitely make a tenth of that mantra.

By Donating the Peace of the Moon Defect

Make a donation by offering food to the Pandit including rice, swan candlen, conch, camphor, milk, curd, ghee, silver plate, mithri, kheer, white cloth, dakshina, and if possible, it will definitely benefit.

Chandra Pooja Is the Simple Solution of Peace

1. Using more of silverware and turning the silver nail into the feet of the bed you sleep on.
2. Wearing of pearl worn in the neck or clothed in a straight hand in silver.
3. Donate a white item on Ghandra Grahan.

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