Chandra Grahan Puja


In Hinduism, the Chandra Grahan Pooja has a special significance in the religious sense. According to the Matsya Purana, the worship of God should be worshiped during the playful period of any other work. It is believed that a pregnant woman should not be left out at the time of eclipse. Doing so will have a bad effect on the child born in his womb.

Method of Chandra Grahan Puja –

To do this fast, do bath in the morning. Apart from this, chant “Sons Somai Namah” should be chanted 108 times.

  On this day, worshiping Lord Shiva should be done. In the auspicious time, the mother should be anointed with milk in Shivalinga. Besides this day, it is a blessing of the chant of Namah or the recollection of Mahamrudanjaya.


  Chandra Grahan’s fasting and Shiva worship are beneficial to avoid mental stress. Palaash should be worshiped with flowers and white flowers. Kheer and sweet curd on this day should mine. In the morning water should take a white flower and put it to bed.

Donation –

On Chandra Grahan day, donate rice, camphor, silver, pearl, curd, sugar candy, white cloth, conch, swan sandal, white bull, water heater and flour.

Mantra Of The Chandra Grahan Pooja –

“II AnhKhein Somai Namah II”

Mantra should be chanted 108 times. Overall 4,10,00,000 should be chant.
On Chandra Grahan day, the root of the pinnacle should be tied in the left side of the white thread.

Precautions Taken During the Chandra Grahan –

According to Hindu religion, pregnant women should not get out of eclipse at the time of eclipse. It is believed that the evil effect of Rahu and Ketu on the eclipse increases. Due to the side effects of which the babies born in the womb may have many problems.

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