Chakra Healing Diwali Puja Kit

Chakra Healing Diwali Puja Kit

If you want to energize your Chakra or want to do healing or meditation at this Diwali for the spiritual power then you must use these healing products.

Chakra Healing Diwali Puja Kit

In chakra healing Puja kit you will get these products:

  1. Healing Stones,
  2. Healing Crystal Pencil or pendants,
  3. Healing Crystal Ball’s
  4. Chakra Healing Mala
  5. Chakra Healing Bracelets
  6. Chakra Healing Shri Yantra’s
  7. Healing Agarbatti or Incense Sticks
  8. Chakra Healing Pyramids
  9. Seven Chakra Healing Stones
  10. Crystal Skulls for Healing
  11. Essential Oils

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