Cat’s Eye

Cats Eye

A Bit About Cat’s Eye

It is called Lahsunia in Hindi. It is an opaque precious stone which is the most sought-after gemstone. Generally, it is found in brown or brownish green color shade. Since it looks as same as cat’s eye, it is known as Cat’s eye.

Cats Eye

Cats Eye

Benefits Of Cat’s Eye

  • Wearing Cat’s eye is very helpful to give fast and sudden results especially if you are engaged in gambling and speculation etc.
  • It helps to keep you safe from a different kind of court, law based problems, fire, injuries etc.
  • It brings immense wealth and prosperity to the wearer’s life.
  • It infuses you with the incredible stamina to pursue your dream
  • The wearer having problem or fear of ghosts/bad dreams/thinking, need to wear this stone.
  • It also makes you infused with the incredible stamina and power of thinking in order to carve out different kind of image.

Significance Of Cat’s Eye

The cat’s eye should be worn in a ring or in the form of a pendant. Wearing the cat’s eye helps to make you powerful and protect you from all sorts of obstacles. Not only this, it also removes all kind of negative energy surrounded you. It also diminishes the negative effect of bad planets around you. In short, you are protected by Cat’s eye.

How To Wear Cat’s Eye

Cat’s eye can be embedded in the silver ring. If you are going to wear this gemstone then you need to wear it on Tuesday as it is considered the auspicious day. In order to wear this gemstone, you may dip it in raw milk or Gangajal.

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