Career Astrology


Getting worried about career and success is the normal tendency of every person. Like any other things of life the planetary position in horoscope also regulates career and money aspects of life.


Beneficiary houses in Chart for a prosperous and successful career:

• 2nd house predicts income source and potential and suitable financial engagements
• 5th house says about profits through investments
• 6th house is the determiner of your ability to collect money
• The 7th house provides options for opening business and partnerships
• The 8th house represents obstacles to achieving success
• The 10th house is considered more important for establishing a good career, it provides guidelines and better options.
• Makes rational by properly using monetary developments

All the above houses are important for career perspective and the good placement of planets in these houses give prosper career.

Zodiac Sign and Job Astrology

Sr No Zodiac Sign Influential Planets
1 Aries Capricorn and Saturn
2 Taurus Saturn and Aquarius
3 Gemini Jupiter and Pisces
4 Cancer Mars and Aries
5 Leo Venus and Taurus
6 Virgo Mercury and Gemini
7 Libra Moon and Cancer
8 Scorpio Sun and Leo
9 Sagittarius Mercury and Virgo
10 Capricorn Venus and Libra
11 Aquarius Mar and Scorpio
12 Pisces Jupiter and Sagittarius

Zodiac signs and favorable Planets for job prospects that are given above determine the job and monetary conditions of a particular sign.

But this is the overall analysis of zodiac signs and influential planets relating to job life. So a thorough analysis of horoscope is required for having a clear view of your career prospects.

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