Bhoomi Pujan Kit

Bhoomi Puja Kit

The Bhoomi is interpreted as Land in English. The Bhoomi Pujan is performed at the development site or a recently manufactured house before starting the development, which is thought to be a fresh start.

By doing this, individuals who trust that their prosperity is controlled by Vastu are guaranteed of a safe future in the new house or development site. By playing out this ‘Bhoomi Pooja’ the correct vitality and normal components enveloping the site can be mollified. The Bhoomi Pooja has a critical place in the lives of numerous as it settles the lawful debate, explains fights and gives genuine feelings of serenity.

Bhoomi Puja Kit

Bhoomi Puja Kit

Samagrim Of Bhoomi Pujan Kit

Taking appropriate direction from the regarded experts, the Bhoomi Pooja Samagrim comprises of:

  1. Supari
  2. Lawang
  3. Roli
  4. Rice
  5. Chandan
  6. Haldi Powder
  7. Haldi Gath
  8. Ganga Jaal
  9. Mishri
  10. Dhoop
  11. Kapoor
  12. Ghee
  13. Batti (Round)
  14. Match Stick
  15. Deepak
  16. Aggarbattis
  17. Red Cloth
  18. White Cloth
  19. Kesar
  20. Panchmeva
  21. Elaichi
  22. Dona/Plastic Container
  23. Moli
  24. Itra
  25. Abeer/Gulal
  26. Wheat
  27. Nectar
  28. Paan ka Patta
  29. Mango Leaves
  30. Nariyal
  31. Name
  32. Lohe k Keel
  33. Panch Dhatu
  34. Panch Ratna

Why Choose Us 

  1. Our Packs have been produced using most elevated quality materials, guaranteeing the joy of the divinity concerned
  2. These bundles have been made under the direction of very qualified Shastris and Acharyas.
  3. The best technique for quick conveyance is normally maintained a strategic distance from any latencies or deferrals.

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