Ambubachi Mela all Information

Ambubachi Mela All Information

Here is all information of Ambubachi Mela with the transportation, instruction, darshan tickets etc.

Ambubachi Mela All Information

Ambubachi Mela All Information

Date of Ambubachi Mela 2019:

Ambubachi Mela is celebrated from 22nd June to 26th June of Every year in Kamakhya Temple. For three days Kamakhya Temple doors closed for the Mensuration period of Goddess Kamakhya.

After three days Temple door open for the Darshan of devotees and devotees perform the Puja ritual and get auspicious Prasad.

How to Reach to Kamakhya Temple during Ambubachi Mela?

You can reach Kamakhya Devi temple during Ambubachimela from all three ways that are: by road, by train, and by Air.

Here we are providing you the necessary information for the transport to reach Kamakhya Temple.

Kamakhya Temple nearest Railway Station

Kamakhya Junction Railway Station: Distance from Kamakhya Temple 3.9 Kilometer and Travel Time duration: 15 Minutes.

Second Nearest Railway Station is Guwahati Railway Station: Distance from Kamakhya Temple is 6.5 Kilometer and Travel Time duration is 30 Minutes.

Nearest Bus Terminal to Kamakhya Temple

Guwahati Bus station is the nearest bus station to Kamakhya Temple and distance from bus station to temple is 8.5 Kilometer and Travel Time by road is approximate 10 Minute.

Kamakhya Temple nearest Airport

The Nearest airport of Kamakhya Devi temple is Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport(Borjhar Airport) and distance from this Airport to Temple is 18.5 Kilometer. And Travel time by road from this airport to temple is 40 Minutes.

Darshan Pass or Tickets for Ambubachi Mela

If you want VIP pass for the Darshan then you can buy following Passes from the Temple premises:

  1. Rs. 101 Pass
  2. Rs. 501 Pass

With the help of the pass, you can directly visit in Garb Griha for the Darshan of Goddess Kamakhya Idol.

What is allowed and what Not in the temple during Ambubachi Mela?

  • Mobile, Camera and Other Electronics Devices are not allowed in Kamakhya Temple.
  • Photography is prohibited in Temple Premises.
  • Only certain amount of visitors allowed in Temple as per the NGT Rule, confirm it from an official source.
  • The sacrifice of Goat and hens are allowed in this temple.
  • During Night any visitor can’t stay in temple premises.
  • You can hire Purohit or Panda for the Puja ritual in Temple.
  • Littering is prohibited in temple premises.

Hotels and accommodation near Kamakhya Temple

You can book Five Star, 3 Star and normal hotels for the stay nearby Kamakhya Temple, there are lots of Hotels available.

You can book Online for those hotels or you can also book at the same time during your visit to Kamakhya Temple.

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