All 51 Shakti Peeth with Body Part and Places


All 51 Shakti Peeth with Body Part and Places

51 Shakti Peeth is number temples all around the India, where all the organs of the Adishakti were scattered and on these places, the temple was built to worship the Adishakti.

51-Shakti-PeethAccording to legend much before the Vedic culture Lord Shiva got married to Devi Sati but her father disliked Shiva at a great extent, as Shiva used to live among all sort creatures, be it human, demons, beasts, ghosts and all others.

Sati’s father Daksh Prajapati once arranged a maha yagna in which he called all the great kings of the earth, lords of heaven and all celestial beings but did not invite the husband of his own daughter lord Shiva, this offended Sati at a very deep level, she took it as great insult of her husband.

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Devi Sati asked her father to apologise to her husband, but he refused to do so and made fun of him instead, this angered Devi Sati even more and she jumped into the fire of the yagna, to make sure the yagna will be considered impure but Devi Sati was not a normal human being she was a goddess.

so her soul immediately transferred to another body which we know as goddess Parvati today, seeing her wife dead, Lord Shiva became extremely angry and got into his rodra roop and took dead body of his wife and starting doing tandava, which shook whole of the universe, terrified with this all the heavenly lords “the devtas” went to Lord Vishnu for help.

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Lord Vishnu on hearing this followed lord Shiva around the universe and released his most fierce weapon Sudarshan chakra and cut of Devi Sati’s dead body into pieces, altogether these pieces fell at the different place, where the temple is formed to worship the goddess.

No Goddess  Name Place State-Country Body Part
1 Indraakshee / Naagpooshaani / Bhuvaneshwaree Nainaativu Jafna, Sri Lanka Anklet
2 Mahishmardinee Sharkrare, Karaachee Pakistan Eyes
3 Sunandaa Sugandhaa, Shikaarpur Bangladesh Nose
4 Mahaamaayaa Amarnath, Kashmir India Throat
5 Siddhidaa / Ambikaa Jwaalaamukhee Kaangraa, HP, India Tongue
6 Tripurmaalinee Jalandhar Punjab, India Left Breast
7 Ambaajee Ambaji, Aanart, Gujarat, India Heart
8 Mahaashiraa Pashupatinaath   Both Knees
9 Dakshaayanee Maansarovar   Right Hand
10 Vimalaa Birajaa Orissa, India Navel
11 Gandakee Chandee Gandakee from Pokharaa Nepal Temple
12 Bahulaa Bahulaa, Bardavaan West Bengal, India Left Arm
13 Mangal Chandikaa Ujaanee, Bardavaan West Bengal Right Wrist
14 Tripur Sundaree Udaypur, Tripuraa Tripura, India Right Leg
15 Bhavaanee Chatral, Chittaagong Bangladesh Right Arm
16 Bhraamaree Trisrot, Jalpaiguree West Bengal, India Left Leg
17 Kaamakhya Kaamgiri, Kaamaakhyaa Assam, India Genital Organ
18 Jugaadya Jugaadya, Bardavaan West Bengal, India Great Toe, Right
19 Kaalikaa Kaaleepeeth, Kolkataa West Bengal, India Right Toe
20 Lalitaa Prayaag UP, India Finger (Hand)
21 Jayantee Jayantee, Sylahat Sylahat, Bangladesh Left Thigh
22 Vimalaa Kireet, Murshidaabaad West Bengal, India Crown
23 Vishaalaakshee / Manikarnee Manikarnikaa Ghaat, Vaaraanasee, UP, India Earring
24 Sarvaani Kanyaa Aashram, Kanyaa Kumaaree Tamil Nadu, India Back
25 Saavitree Kurukshetra Haryana, India Ankle Bone
26 Gaayatree Manibandh, Pushkar Rajasthan, India 2 Bracelets
27 Mahaa Lakshmee Shree Shail, Sylahat Sylahat, Bangladesh Neck
28 Devagarbhaa Kankaaleetaal, Beerbhoom West Bengal, India Bone
29 Kaalee Kaalmaadhav, Amarkantak MP, India Buttock, left
30 Narmadaa Shone Desh, Amarkantak MP, India Buttock, Right
31 Shivaanee Raamgiri, Chitrakoot, UP, India Breast, Right
32, Umaa Vrindaa Van, Bhooteshwar Temple UP, India Ringlets of Hair
33 Naaraayanee Shuchiteertham Tamil Nadu, India Teeth, Upper jaw
34 Varaahee Panchsaagar   Teeth, Lower Jaw
35 Aparnaa Kartoyataat, Baguraa Bangladesh Left Anklet, Ornament
36 Shree Sundaree Shree Parvat Kashmir, India Right Ankle, Ornament
37 Kapaalinee Vibhaash, Poorbaa Madineepur West Bengal, India Left Ankle
38 Chandrabhaagaa Prabhaas, Joonaagarh Gujarat, India Stomach
39 Avantee Bhairav Parvat, Ujjain MP, India Upper Lips
40 Bhraamaree Janasthaan, Naasik Maharashtra, India Chin in two parts
41 Raakinee or Vishweshwaree Sarvshail or Godaavartiri, Raajaamundry AP, India Cheeks
42 Ambikaa Biraat, Bharatpur, Rajasthan, India Left Feet Fingers
43 Kumaaree Ratnaavalee, Hugalee West Bengal, India Right Shoulder
44 Umaa Mithilaa Bihar, India Left Shoulder
45 Kaalikaa Devee Nalahatee, West Bengal, India Tubular Bones of the Feet
46 Jaya Durgaa Karnaat Place (not known)   Both Ears
47 Mahishmardinee Vakreshwar, Beerbhaum West Bengal, India Center Portion of Eye Brows
48 Yashoreshwaree Yashore, Khulanaa Bangladesh Hands and Feet
49 Phullaraa Attahaas, Bardawaan West Bengal, India Lips
50 Nandinee or Nandikeshwaree Sainthia, Beerbhaum West Bengal, India Necklace
51 Kottaree Hingalaaj, Southern Baloochistaan Pakistan Brahmarandhra, Part of the Head


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